Makeup Haul: Sleek Make Up


I am so excited that my Sleek Makeup order came in so I wanted to quickly share some items I purchased. Sleek Makeup is a beauty company based in the UK and I’ve been wanting to try a few of their products. So I ordered their face contour kit, eyebrow pencil, and their true color lipstick called “loved up”. Their products are priced very reasonable. I spent about $18 on the three products and that included shipping and handling. This will be my first time using their products and I am excited to see the results! Check back in to see how I apply my new products, but in the meantime go shop

Beauty Scoop- Conquering the Contour


We all have areas on our body that we try to disguise or cover up. Well for me I have a nose with a bump, and undergoing painful plastic surgery is not an option for me right now.  So I have been searching for a quick fix that will give the same results. I have come across a great product to add to my beauty bag collection that will assist me in contouring my nose. Maybelline’s Dream Lumi Touch highlighting concealer is amazing! I have purchased this at Target in Honey 360 for only $7.44 and I must say my nose looks great! There are several different techniques depending on the look you are going for. If you are trying to soften the bump on your nose such as I am follow the steps below, and I am sure you will love your new look!

What you will need:

Either a powder or liquid makeup 2 shades darker than your complexion

Maybelline’s Dream Lumi Touch 2 shades lighter than your complexion (I use Honey 360)


Finishing Powder


 Step1.  Apply moisturizer to a clean face.

Step2.  Apply primer then foundation to the face.

Step3. Apply darker shade of foundation directly on the bump and BLEND. Be sure to blend very well since this shade will be darker than your actual complexion.

Step4. Apply your Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch on either side of bump from bridge to nostrils and blend.

Step5. Apply your finishing powder and whallah! You look great.

I will say PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!! This is definitely an art, but with time and practice you will conquer the Contour!

 Check out my contoured nose below and let me know what you think?